Howard Tzvi Adelman

Howard Tzvi Adelman teaches at Ahva College in Israel, the Graduate Program of the Rothberg School for Overseas Students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the on-line graduate program at Hebrew College, Boston. He was Director of the Program in Jewish Studies at Smith College and has been a visiting faculty member at the Hochschule für jüdische Studien in Heidelberg, Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, the University of Maryland, Knox College, and the University of Haifa, among others. He has written about Jewish women in Italy and is currently completing a book on the subject.

Articles by this author

Sarra Copia Sullam

The most accomplished, and thus the least typical, Jewish woman writer of early-modern Italy was Sarra Copia Sullam (c. 1592–1641). The details of her life reveal the great opportunities and potential dangers in the life of at least one woman of wealth and talent.

Italy, Early Modern

Jews have lived on the Italian peninsula uninterruptedly since antiquity. During the middle ages, the center of the Jewish population of Italy shifted from the south to the north. There, during the early-modern period, having been granted charters, local Jews, joined by refugees from Europe, including waves from French, German, and Iberian lands, provided valuable services as moneylenders and merchants. Although this period saw anti-Jewish agitation by churchmen and the establishment of ghettos, new governmental bodies to supervise the Jews, and local inquisitions, the fact that Italy was not unified provided the Jews with opportunities to leave one city-state to bring their services to another that offered greater promise for more tranquility, an incentive for their hosts to ensure their continued presence.

Devorà Ascarelli

Although in the writing of history the term “first” must be used with caution, Devorà Ascarelli may have been the first Jewish woman to have had her own book published.

Benvenida Abravanel

Benvenida Abravanel was one of the most influential and wealthiest Jewish women of early modern Italy.

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