Ruth Zakarin

Ruth Zakarin

Ruth Zakarin is an advocate who has spent over twenty years working with survivors of domestic and sexual violence. For eleven of those years, she has worked in Brockton, MA and facilitates the Greater Brockton Domestic and Sexual Violence Task Force. She is passionate about prevention, community organizing, knitting, and coffee. She is the very proud mom of two fabulous teenagers, who are fast developing into our next generation of leaders.

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Another Jew for Yes on 3

In Praise of the Political Lapel Pin

Ruth Zakarin

As our country becomes more divided, and our government more divisive, showing solidarity with communities that are not my own feels imperative.

Topics: LGBTQIA Rights
Ruth Zakarin and her mother crop

My Mom Used To Say...

Ruth Zakarin

It was her go-to statement whenever she was cajoling me into doing something she considered a mitzvah, especially when I wasn’t exactly jumping at the opportunity. She would look at me with that, you know, mom look, and say, “Do good things and tell people you’re Jewish.”

Migrants from South America 2018

The Land of the Living

Ruth Zakarin

I want to be in a world where all those around me get to not just exist, but fully live. I want to raise my children in an environment that allows folks to breathe deeply, function without fear, and be who they truly are. But it takes more than just wanting.

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