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Guidelines for "We Remember"

Would you or someone you know like to write a piece for We Remember? Here are a few guidelines to help you get started. Women included in this collection:

  1. Had a positive impact on others (understood broadly) through their work in communal affairs (secular or religious), the arts, sciences, humanities, business, politics, law, philanthropy, scholarship, social service, education, civil rights, and other fields;
  2. Were recognized as a vital force in their community;
  3. Self-identified as Jewish -- nominally, culturally, or religiously, and spent a significant part of their lives in North America.
  4. Died in the 21st century

We Remember pieces generally range in length from 500 to 1000 words. The voice of these pieces often goes beyond the standard obituary to convey a personal sense of how these women were experienced and understood by those who knew them.

As it grows, the collection captures more and more stories of Jewish women’s lives. We need your help to increase the geographic, generational, and occupational diversity of We Remember. If you do not wish to write a piece yourself, here are some other ways to stay involved:

  1. Watch your local newspapers, college alumni magazines, temple bulletins, professional journals, and other sources for obituaries of Jewish women who satisfy the three criteria listed above, and alert us to these pieces.
  2. Help us identify potential writers for We Remember.
  3. Help us find photographs to accompany pieces.

Please send us your suggestions and thoughts by using our contact form.

Questions about a Jewish Woman Who Touched Your Life

A Tool for We Remember Writers

The Jewish Women's Archive invites you to use these questions as you think about your piece for We Remember. Of course, you do not need to address all of them.

Biographical Questions

  1. When and where was this woman born? Where did she grow up? Where did she live her adult life?
  2. What talents did she have? What skills did she master?
  3. Where and in what field did she receive her formal education?
  4. With what institutions, organizations, or causes was she most strongly identified?
  5. Did she have a life partner? Do you know the story of how they met? Did she have children/grandchildren? If so, how did she balance her family life with other responsibilities?

Identity Questions

  1. Did this woman's Jewish identity influence her values, career trajectory, and/or her personal choices? If so, how?
  2. Did she encounter obstacles or difficulties as a Jew? As a woman? Please describe.
  3. What was her strongest personal attribute? Greatest weakness?
  4. What was the most difficult challenge she faced in her life? What did she do to overcome it?
  5. Who did she consider her greatest role model?
  6. What did she consider her greatest achievement? Greatest disappointment?
  7. How did she like to spend her time?
  8. What was her deepest passion?
  9. What did she wish for most in the world?
  10. What was her most common saying?
  11. What did she hope to change in the world? How did she go about it?

Personal Relationship Questions

  1. How did you meet this woman?
  2. What is your most vivid memory of her?
  3. How did she influence your life or your way of thinking?
  4. Did your relationship change over time? If so, how?
  5. What was the most valuable piece of advice she ever gave you?
  6. What would you like other people to know about this woman's life?

For easier printing and sharing, these questions are also available as a PDF file.

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