1. Does the online Encyclopedia include all of the content on the CD-ROM?

    It includes all of the text but only the images for which we have been able to secure permission to use on the Web. Over time, more images will be available.
  2. Who created the Encyclopedia?

    The CD-ROM edition of the Encyclopedia was published by Alice and Moshe Shalvi of Shalvi Publishing in 2006, sponsored by the Jewish Women's Archive. 
  3. How did you decide whom to include?

    It was the editors' vision to embrace the whole Jewish world and all of Jewish culture from the Hebrew Bible to the present. Recognizing that any selection process is subjective, the articles focus, with a few exceptions, on deceased women and living women age 50 or above. For more on the selection process, see the Editors' Preface.
  4. Who made the selections?

    The co-editors, Professors Paula E. Hyman of Yale and Dalia Ofer of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, with the assistance of an Editorial Board made up of 20 distinguished scholars.
  5. How did you determine whether or not someone was Jewish?

    The editors did not limit themselves to a traditional halakhic (legal) definition of who is a Jew. Any woman who had a Jewish parent, who converted to Judaism, and/or who self-identified as Jewish was eligible for inclusion.
  6. Why are there articles on men in an encyclopedia on Jewish women?

    The editors and publishers decided, after much discussion, to include a few religious leaders whose views influenced the status of women in various sectors of the Jewish community.
  7. How do I point out what I believe is an error in the text?

    You can use the "discuss" form at the bottom of each article to let us know of any errors. Please include information that will enable us to make corrections, including references.
  8. What if I disagree with something in an article?

    Use the "discuss" form at the bottom of the article to contribute your own point of view on the subject. Relevant references must accompany any factual disagreement.
  9. Who put the CD-ROM Encyclopedia online?

    The main programming work was done by Shai Sachs of Lightbulb First Consulting and JWA Web Developer Isaac Simon Hodes, who designed page templates using the Drupal open source content management system (CMS) and imported all of the original CD-ROM content. They added Web 2.0 online-only functionality (such as the "clouds" of keywords, locations, and time periods). Naomi Ribner designed the logo and collage graphic used in the online edition.
  10. How do I suggest one or more women who should be added to the online Encyclopedia?

    If you would like to suggest a new article, click on the "Contact Us" link in the top left hand corner of this page. If you are qualified to write the article and interested in doing so, please let us know. Expanding and updating the online Encyclopedia is a high priority. To support these efforts, please consider making a donation to the Jewish Women's Archive.

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