Neima Barzel

Neima Barzel is a professor of history at Oranim Academic College for Education and the head of the faculty for graduate studies there. She received her Ph.D. at Haifa University, where she is an associate researcher at the Institute for Holocaust Research. She is the author of: Sacrificed Unredeemed: The encounter between the Leaders of the Ghetto Fighters and Israeli Society; Choice of the Good: Rescue Activities in Poland and in the Netherlands during World War Two; and the scientific editor of Founding a State: The Processes and Debates that Led to the Founding of the State of Israel.

Articles by this author

Rozka Korczak-Marla

“We did not have the privilege of choosing between converting to Christianity and sacrificing ourselves to sanctify the name of God—in this we differed from our ancestors. … We did have a choice of the manner in which to live to the very end as free Jews and die as liberated people.” Thus, in 1982, Korczak-Marla referred to the choice made by members of Halutz movements in the Vilna Ghetto.

Vitka Kempner-Kovner

Vitka Kempner was born on March 14, 1920 in the county-town of Kalisz (Kalisch), western Poland, one-third of whose population was Jewish. Her parents, Hayyah and Zevi, ran a retail business. Her large tribe of grandparents, uncles and cousins were liberal both in outlook and in lifestyle.

Haika Grosman

Haika Grosman was born in Bialystok on November 20, 1919. She was the third and youngest child of Nahum (1890–1942) and Leah (née Apelbaum) Grosman (1891–Treblinka, August 1943), a member of a wealthy family imbued with Jewish tradition and culture, living in a city half of whose residents (about sixty thousand) were Jewish. Her father was a factory owner, from whom, she alleged, she inherited her looks: “short, blue-eyed, blond.”

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