Rachel Silverman

Rachel Silverman

Rachel Silverman is grateful to JWA for giving her an outlet for her many Jewish feelings. As a religion and sociology major at Bryn Mawr College, co-founder of her IfNotNow chapter, and president of her college Hillel, Rachel spends much of her time thinking about queer Torah, faith-based organizing, ritual innovation, making Jewish spaces more accessible, and cults. Her crowning achievement was at age 13 when she wrote a 20-page paper on why Rachel was not into Jacob. Rachel plans to attend rabbinical school. She is also the proud mother to Li'l Sebastian the guinea pig. To read more of her Jewish social justice rants and attempts at humor, check her out on Twitter @rachbsilverman.

Blog Posts

Open Hillel Protest in NYC

Who Funds Religious Life on College Campuses?

Rachel Silverman

Jewish life organizations on college campuses rely on outside funders with their own agendas, and progressive religious students are left in the dust.

Topics: Activism, Religion
Girl Blowing Shofar

The Harm of Tshuvah: A Letter from an Abuse Survivor

Rachel Silverman

People view forgiveness as the secret to healing, as if it isn’t a long painful process of flashbacks, relapsing, shame, medication, and therapy, as if there’s some easy way to heal that I have been too prideful to consider. To view forgiveness as the apex of survivors’ progress trivializes each person’s individual struggle.

Good Jew or Bad Jew?

Are you a Good Jew or a Bad Jew?

Rachel Silverman

This anxiety of “am I Jewish enough” is part of a larger historical problem, one of power dynamics and exclusionary politics. ... The “right” or “wrong” way to be Jewish has long been a narrative controlled by those in power.

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